A lovely Wintry themed collage/paint project with my P1-P3 groups (age 5-7). The children first did a guided drawing of their bird before outlining in sharpie and painting in red.

IMG 4254 767x1024 | Red Winter birds

I set up 2 work stations – one for painting the backgrounds (lots of watery paint and a smattering of salt) and a birch tree station. Kids painted black on white with nice dry household paint brushes to achieve the texture of the birch trees.

The following week each child cut, assembled and glued their pictures and finished them off with a smattering of snow. (using the end of a paint brush). I think they turned out fantastic. The different personalities just shine through!

IMG 4248 1024x748 | Red Winter birds

IMG 4249 1024x709 | Red Winter birds