IMG 22601 | Highland CoosKids did a guided drawing of a highland cow. They then outlined their drawings in black oil pastel before moving on to the beautiful (and messy!) chalk pastels to colour in their cows. They were given free rein with colour / style.

The following week, they painted the backgrounds for their cows. To emphasise the Scottish-nessĀ  of our cows, they were all given a traditional girl or boys name. There’s Hamish, Eilidh, Morag, amongst others. LOVE the results and love the fact that you can tell if they’re boys or girls!

Ages range from 5 to 7 years old.

These cows will all be winging their way to Chile as part of an art exchange between Garnetbank Primary in Glasgow and the school in Chile. Thanks to Adela for organising this exchange.
IMG 2261 | Highland Coos

IMG 2259 | Highland Coos
IMG 22581 | Highland Coos

IMG 22571 | Highland Coos

IMG 2256 | Highland Coos

IMG 22552 | Highland Coos

IMG 2253 | Highland Coos

IMG 2252 | Highland Coos

IMG 2251 | Highland Coos