Another art lesson that was inspired by the art – ed – blogosphere – unfortunately I can’t find the original link. Paul Klee’s “Cat and Bird” from 1928 was the inspiration for this project. We discussed the ‘feeling’ of the painting and each child had to decide what their cat was dreaming about and include this in their own interpretation.(balls of wool, fish and an ipod all feature!).

artspaceglasgow klee cats2 1024x764 | Paul Klee cats

The children first did a guided pencil drawing of a cats face onto A3 paper. I had to encourage them to fill the whole page with their cat, but they all got there in the end. Next they outlined their drawing with black sharpie pen, (the younger ones found this quite tricky), and rubbed out the pencil lines before moving on to the chalk pastels. The kids LOVE the pastels. They are messy, but so worth it. The intensity of the colour is just great.

artspaceglasgow klee cats3 1024x764 | Paul Klee cats

artspaceglasgow klee cats4 1024x764 | Paul Klee cats