Hibba P1 764x1024 | Paste Paper WeavingsSo finally, what we did with all those paste papers PART 1 (and we still have left-overs for further projects!).
We created a very simple paper loom by folding a piece of A4 paste paper in half. Then we cut strips at approx 1 inch intervals. I advised the younger kids to make fatter strips to make the weaving easier. There are lots of weaving / loom making tutorials online. i found this one at Mrs Picasso’s Artroom particularly useful.

With weaving, it appears that some of them just get it, while others struggle and need a lot more help. Everyone was successful eventually though – in spite some of the frustrations! These weavings will be pegged up in the main hall at school to help decorate the school fair next week. This project took 1 art session.
Iris P6 764x1024 | Paste Paper Weavings
Eisha P2 764x1024 | Paste Paper Weavings

Medbh P4 764x1024 | Paste Paper Weavings

LewisP2 764x1024 | Paste Paper Weavings