This weekend, the kids and I decided to experiment with paste papers for using in my after school art club. This is something I hadn’t come across before seeing them on Pinterest. It was great fun and I think we have only scratched the surface with it – so many possibilities… I found a fantastic tutorial on Art For Small Hands. The recipe worked perfectly (4 tablespoons rice flour, 3 tablespoons wheat flour, 3 cups water, ½ teaspoon glycerin, 1 teaspoon washing-up liquid, Tempera paint).

paste paper2 1024x764 | Paste Paper Experiments

After making one quantity of paste, we divided it between a few bowls + added our paints. For “drawing” onto the papers, we just used what we had lying around the house – anything goes – fingers, a couple of forks, a comb, cookie cutters, hotel door entry card, chopsticks, an empty toilet roll and a tile comb. Our only issue has been how much the paper curled as it dried. – this may well be the type of paper we were using (a medium weight cartridge paper) – will be ironing it later!

paste paper7 1024x764 | Paste Paper Experiments

The plan is for the children to create a selection of papers to use as backgrounds for some of their upcoming projects. (Koi carp / Goyataku / General collage) I think our main issue (asides from mess!), will be having enough drying space set up in our tiny club-space. Might have to invest in some extra washing lines before we start!

paste paper3 1024x764 | Paste Paper Experiments paste paper4 1024x764 | Paste Paper Experiments paste paper5 1024x764 | Paste Paper Experiments paste paper6 1024x764 | Paste Paper Experiments