This was a 2 part Dr Seuss project that I undertook with my older group (ages 8 through to 11).

IMG 2920 1024x764 | Oh the Places Youll Go   Part 2

First up, the Truffula trees from the Dr Seuss book ‘The Lorax’. I have to say this was not an enjoyable process! Most of the kids found it quite hard and got very frustrated. However (and it is a good ‘however’), they absolutely LOVED the results and were really proud of themselves.

We followed the Martha Stewart instructions on how to make tissue paper pom poms (found here). Next we joined them on to insulating tubes from B&Q. The trees were displayed outside the school in an empty raised bed. It was a rather miserable rainy day in Glasgow that day – our trees didn’t survive long!

The second part of our project were Dr Seuss inspired signs – which were displayed in the entrance-way to the school. This was an end of term project and the kids had pretty much free rein on what their sign said (so long as it wasn’t rude!). Arrow shapes and Lettering were drawn out on large pieces of card and then painted. The hardest part was cutting them out.

IMG 2919 764x1024 | Oh the Places Youll Go   Part 2

Both these projects were presented during “voluntary arts week” as a contribution to a wonderful “craftbomb” created by children and parents from the Monday and Tuesday art and craft groups that also take place in the school. The mobile flowers in the foreground of the photo show a small part of the wonderful work created.

IMG 2918 764x1024 | Oh the Places Youll Go   Part 2