otpyg06 1024x764 | Oh the Places Youll Go!   Part 1
This is a project I did with the younger ones towards the end of the Summer term. We wanted to use up some more of our beautiful paste papers – and who doesn’t love a bit of Dr. Seuss? So we decided to each make paste paper collage hot air balloons.

We first read “Oh the places you’ll go” together and then discussed where we’d like to go / what our dreams for the future were. There was everything – from wanting to go to the fairground that was pitched up in the city at the time, to visiting family in Pakistan, to fighting a komodo dragon (?!)
otpyg02 1024x765 | Oh the Places Youll Go!   Part 1

We then went on to make our balloons. The children used a flower pot as a template and then got cutting and sticking. The balloons and baskets were made individually in one session. The early finishers made the lovely painterly sky/clouds background + I mounted the balloons the following week. The kids then drew their ropes onto the main picture. Wouldn’t it be lovely as a huge mural? Could definitely be a project for a big group. – And I’d have loved to include their wishes for the future in the display, but time just ran out…

The older group made crazy Dr Seuss signs (post to follow!)