We decided to continue with the Matisse theme, so have spent the last couple of weeks creating these wonderful goldfish bowl collages based on his painting “The Goldfish” 1922. This is my take on a project I have seen on pinterest and various art ed blogs. It has taken us 2 x 50 min sessions to complete.

matissegoldfish2 195x300 | Matisse   Goldfish bowlsIn week one we started learning about pattern and searched for patterns in Matisse’s paintings and collage. I also brought along lots of examples of pattern for inspiration – from Lucienne Day prints to Aztec inspired rugs. I had collated these all on one of my pinterest boards. Unfortunately we don’t have any computer access in our art club, so there’s a lot of photocopying goes on!

Kids got to work creating their patterns using oil pastels on A3 cartridge paper. I encouraged them to divide the paper into 2-3 sections – a different pattern in each. When the patterns were finished, they worked over the top of them using watercolour paints.

Next we got on to preparing the paper for our other elements. – the table, the goldfish bowl and the fish. For these we prepared painted paper using a roller to cover the paper – orange for the fish, black/purple mix for the table and blues for the bowl. We dabbed the blue paper with paper towels to get a ‘watery’ effect. These were all left to dry for the following week. The rollered effect worked particularly well for the table – giving a wood-like grain effect.

Week 2 we got to work with the paper, scissors and glue for the final compositions. Delighted with the results!

IMG 2514 764x1024 | Matisse   Goldfish bowls

IMG 2459 764x1024 | Matisse   Goldfish bowls IMG 2468 749x1024 | Matisse   Goldfish bowls IMG 2472 764x1024 | Matisse   Goldfish bowls IMG 2462 761x1024 | Matisse   Goldfish bowlsIMG 2454 765x1024 | Matisse   Goldfish bowls