For our first session of the new year, we looked at the work of Henri Matisse (1869-1954) – specifically his later ‘cut-out’ work. We discussed how as Matisse got older, he was no longer able to paint and began to ‘paint with scissors’. matisse icarus | Matisse   cut outsMatisse cutting | Matisse   cut outs We looked in detail at his ‘Jazz’ series, in particular ‘The Flight of Icarus’. The children LOVED the story of Icarus – how he flew too close to the sun, burning his wings. The kids then set about making their own version of this collage. We used A3 paper which the kids painted blue using a roller (I love this effect). While the backgrounds were drying, they set about cutting out their figures, “stars” and heart. Initially I had wanted the kids to only use scissors and glue (no pencils!) but the younger ones found this incredibly difficult and in the end we resorted to drawing our shapes out first….

Best bits about this project: the end results.

Anything I’d change? To complete this project in one session, you really need a hairdryer to speed up the background drying process! IMG 2424 | Matisse   cut outs IMG 2425 | Matisse   cut outs IMG 2431 | Matisse   cut outs IMG 2420 | Matisse   cut outs IMG 2422 | Matisse   cut outs Next week we will be continuing with Matisse – looking at his earlier still-life work.