I have been wanting the kids to make some koi paintings for a while now. Koi are just so beautiful – I wanted the kids to have the challenge of drawing, but not something too complex and to have the freedom to paint / colour the picture however they wished. The older children worked on a guided drawing that I found on a wonderful website: smART Class. The kids found this drawing a challenge, but really concentrated and were delighted with the results. The younger ones worked on a much simpler fish. (based on a guided drawing I found on ArtprojectsforKids All were pretty much free to tackle the project as they pleased and use whatever materials they wanted. – felt tips, coloured pencils, sharpie marker pen, watercolour and tempera all featured. A really enjoyable project – 1.5 to 2 sessions.

koi fish02 689x1024 | Japanese Koi
koi fish05 712x1024 | Japanese Koi
koi fish04 731x1024 | Japanese Koi
koi fish10 1024x734 | Japanese Koi

koi fish09 747x1024 | Japanese Koi

koi fish08 764x1024 | Japanese Koi