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I LOVE printmaking with the kids. Yes, it might be hard work, messy, take longer to tidy up etc. etc. BUT the results are so worth it. I am lucky that the groups I work with are small, so makes printmaking achievable. It really is a magical process. We have been using styrofoam plates from Pisces Arts Рkids can simply draw their design into the plate and get printing!  I am delighted with the way these prints turned out Рwell done everyone!

“Here is the bird that never flew, Here is the tree that never grew, Here is the bell that never rang, Here is the fish that never swam.”

G3glasgowc 222x300 | Dear Green PlaceThis project is based on the crest of our home city of Glasgow, Scotland. The Glasgow crest is well known, always featuring a bird, a bell, a tree and a fish with a ring in it’s mouth.

You can read more about the Glasgow crest here.

The children were asked to design their own version of the crest featuring¬† the four different elements. They first drew their designs onto newsprint before transferring it directly onto the printing plate. To do this, we tape the newsprint onto the plate and “trace” through using a sharp pencil.

We decided to print black onto gold, so first prepped our paper with a gold painted square (metallic poster paint) which we then printed directly on top of.

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One of the advantages of printmaking is that we can print multiple copies – We have produced – one for display in school, one to take home and one to send away to Chile on an art exchange.

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