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I LOVE printmaking. yes, it’s messy and involves more tidying up (and yes, we are short on space, so there are prints piled up everywhere (NOTE TO SELF: sort washing line!), but oh it is so worth it.
I was inspired by a post from Spalding Elementary where they had used the collograph technique to print their names. We did similar, but it was opened up to well known sayings and abbreviations etc. We had some LOL’s, a few BFF’s and a few ‘Keep Calm’s’. I love them all!

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The kids drew their ideas out on paper first before copying onto craft foam. This stuff is great – so easy for them to cut out. They then laid their words out on their printing plates (bits of cardboard), before carefully turning each letter over to create their ‘mirror image’ to be stuck down. This was probably the hardest bit for everyone to get.
Once the plates were made and glued down, we worked on the painted paper backgrounds – using rollers and whatever paint needs using up in the cupbaord!
The 2nd week we got down to printing. I absolutely love these prints and cannot believe they have been done by (mainly) 9 year olds. I’d happily frame each and every one! I’ll try post more up next week, if I’ve time….
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