The Thursday group have been working hard on their circus prints. A messy process, but the results are always worth it.
This time we used a technique we had used before. – We paint background papers with vibrant inks before printing on them the following week. You have to watch that the black printing ink still transfers properly, but asides from that, it’s easy 😉
Often the best background papers are the messy ones with white spaces left on them too.

We are going to enter these into the Tesco Bank Art competition in May. The Tuesday group have also been busy print making – this time on a larger scale group project (theme Creepy Crawlies). It’s taking a while to fill the rather large bit of paper, but we’re getting there. Watch this space :).

FullSizeRender2 | Circus prints

FullSizeRender 2 | Circus prints

FullSizeRender | Circus prints

FullSizeRender 1 | Circus prints

FullSizeRender 3 | Circus prints