We were askedĀ  to create something that could be sold at the school Christmas fair to raise money for the school playground fund. As it was last minute, I figured printmaking would be the fastest way to get the kids involved. We settled on a set of 4 cards – a reindeer, a dove, a christmas tree and a present.

IMG 2408 907x1024 | Christmas card fundraiser


IMG 2407 1012x1024 | Christmas card fundraiser

The children drew their pictures on thin newsprint, before transferring them onto the polystyrene “printing plate” using a sharp pencil. We use press-print tiles from Pisces Art, but a clean take-away carton would be just as successful.

IMG 2405 1024x1004 | Christmas card fundraiser

Cards were cut to size and then printed with white block printing ink onto a variety of colours (basically any bright colours we had lying about). When dry, we then used a ready made “Merry Christmas” stamp to print inside the cards. Our main problem was getting everything to dry in time. Definitely leave a couple of days for ‘drying time’ and have enough space to lay everything out flat to dry.

IMG 2412 952x1024 | Christmas card fundraiser

Sadly missing a pic of the Christmas present print..

Our cards were 10.5 x 10.5 cm, to fit in 11.5 x 11.5cm envelopes which we picked up on ebay.